20 most anticipated movies of 2017

2016 was a slow year for great movies.  The best ones only came out at the end of the year.
2017 promises to bring more fun, more continuity … and more awesomeness on the silver screen!  

Here’s a few you don’t wanna miss!


Alien: Covenant promises a deeper analysis into the whereabouts of the majestic space creature we’ve seen so much about.  When rightly done, this could revamp the Xenomorph (that’s what the creature is called) into the next generation …


War for the Planet of the Apes sees the Apes battle an army of humans in an attempt to take over the world.  As the second movie was a lot less than the first, this third chapter can go either way … hit or miss?


Emma Watson is a real beauty, so casting her as Belle is a no-brainer.  Whether the new movie Beauty and the Beast will become a classic like the Disney-animation is a tough question.  Worst case scenario, you can still enjoy the music, the special effects … and Emma Watson of course!


Making a sequel of a sci-fi movie more than 30 years old is a dangerous thing.  Especially when that movie is considered a cult-classic, and the new one is *not* directed by the original director.  Needless to say, Blade Runner 2049 has all the elements to flop … but we still cannot wait for this one to come out.


Christopher Nolan is truly one of the finest directors working today, but the question rises: Is he good enough to rival some of the best WWII-movies ever made like ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘Enemies at the gates’?  Dunkirk doesn’t look anything different … but who knows?  Maybe this is a war more profound than anything ever filmed.


Saying goodbye to Paul Walker was the hardest thing … and our combined film-hearts still ache today!  But life goes on, and so does the Fast and Furious-series.  The Fate of the Furious shows us a darker side, a different side, a side where certain friendships are put to the test.  Vin Diesel seems to have changed the most …


The first movie wasn’t just super-funny, it was one of the all-time greatest comic book movies ever made!  Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 will bring back the weirdest superheroes you’ve ever seen and explore the past of Star-Lord’s family roots.  Now, all together: ‘I am Groot!’


To be funnier than the late Robin Williams is gonna be a handful, but perhaps the Special Effects-department can up the ante on the new Jumanji-movie.  Pity this is going to be a remake – making this a sequel would make much more sense … and it’d be more respectful towards Robin Williams.  Oh well, it’s gonna be a blast, that’s for sure!


Trying to cope with the success rate of Marvel, DC Comics brings out their greatest heroes all together in Justice League.  Let’s hope the filmmakers will make more of this than the boring boxing match between Batman and Superman.  Story anyone?  Character depth?  Here’s hoping DC Comics learns from their past mistakes … 


Like Godzilla, King Kong has had many previous movies.  The latest Kong was beautiful in Special Effects but quite boring in storytelling.  The new movie, Kong: Skull Island, will hopefully set things right, and maybe treat us to a great story driven by pristine CGI.


You want proof that Marvel is so much more than DC Comics?  Marvel has the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and … the X-men!  The final chapter of Wolverine it may not be, but it’s definitely the last act of Hugh Jackman.  Logan shows us an older and – not for the first time – a more fragile hero.  


Keep makin’ em, keep makin’ em!  As long as they make money, aj, keep makin’ em!!  How many is that now?  I lost count.  The first one was awesome.  Numbers 2 & 3 were ok.  Number 4 was a bit better again.  It’s good to have him back, Captain Jack Sparrow.  In Pirates of the Caribbean 5, he has to fight ghost pirates … or something.  


Sequels, prequels, spin-off, remakes.  In the long list of movies based onto videogames, old movies or long-forgotten TV-shows, the Power Rangers finally make it to the big screen.  It looks colorful, but is this gonna be more than some kid heroes jumping and shouting?  We’ll have to w8 & C …


No one knows why, but you cannot be a fan of both Marvel and DC Comics – you have to have a favorite somehow.  If that’s true, then 2017 will be (again) the year of Marvel.  The new Spider-man movie is going to be huge!  Now that the young webslinger is part of the Avengers, we can’t wait to see how he’ll fit into the big picture … 


You wanna talk big?  Let’s talk BIG!  This is the one that will defeat them all.  More epic than Episode 7 with a slightly darker story + the return of Luke Skywalker, Star Wars – Episode VIII will most likely pay homage to Carrie Fisher as this is her last movie ánd appearance as Prinses Leia.  Something tells me Carrie Fisher will go out with a bang … 


Why is this one in the list?  The original ones (not the old one of 1932, but the Brendan Fraser-ones) were spectacularly funny and entertaining.  Why do we need another one?  And why Tom Cruise?  True … that’s all true.  But it still looks like the new Mummy is gonna ROCK!!  Unless Tom Cruise fumbles the part … 


Another Marvel movie?  Yup, and this one promises to be even bigger than Spidey or the Guardians.  Thor and The Hulk will go head-to-head with each other, and also, a super-powerful enemy lies ahead to destroy Thor’s homeworld.  The destruction even has a name: Ragnarök!


Frankly I don’t know if another sequel of the Alien Robots is a good idea.  But so far each movie’s been quite entertaining, so why not?  In The Last Knight, the Transformers are faced with their planet which is now dead.  Optimum Prime takes charge to save what’s left of his home.


DC Comics has two major projects planned, and in truth, this one looks a lot more promising than the other one with all them heroes joining forces.  This story, the coming of Wonder Woman, doesn’t just exploit the fame of a superhero but seems to have quite an interesting tale to tell.  Let’s hope it works … 


Our final must-see movie shows us what happens when a sequel completely fails.  Best thing to do is go back to the basics.  If you’ve seen the first movie, you’ll know Vin Diesel is the only one who can play this character, because there’s a deeper meaning behind the three x’s.  That’s why they called it: Return of Xander Cage.  

Hopefully there’s much more to enjoy – perhaps even some original stories that will take us by surprise – but in terms of sequels and blockbuster Hollywood action, we are in for a great ride!